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Building Tips

Establishing a budget that is manageable and realistic is the starting point for all projects large or small.

Preparing for your remodel project has many parts that need strategic planning, research, and cost analysis. Getting qualified estimates from recommended licensed and insured contractors is the safest way to approach your project.

Getting Started

  • Contacting your local BNI organization (Business Network International) for quality referrals is key for a starting point.
  • Breakdown the areas of the project into groups and phases that allow you to manage them in a systematic time frame without stressful constraints.
  • A well written contract that details out the scope of the project. This can prevent costly mistakes or additions and is critical in maintaining your budget.
  • Saving time and money by planning ahead. Choose the design process first while selecting everything you want to include in the project from new appliances to light fixtures, tile, paint colors, etc… Include all of your product and material selections in the contract to avoid confusion and unnecessary change orders.
  • Product choices are one major way to decrease the cost of your remodeling project. Search for alternative materials and products that are less expensive but don’t impact the value of the project.
  • Pay particular attention to labor intensive designs that increase costs to prohibitive levels for a look that can be achieved by alternative methods.
  • Be open minded and discuss all options with your contractor before signing your contract.

General Tips

  • If more than one room needs a facelift, make most of the changes with new paint, heavy wallpaper, decorative trim, etc…  These inexpensive ways can dramatically decrease the cost and enhance the space as desired.
  • Textured wall coverings and Faux paint can hide minor damages in walls and ceilings.
  • Keeping windows in their present location is a cost saving action if at all possible.
  • Changing carpet or exposing the floor covered by carpet can reveal a look that is simple and easy to repair.

Creating Space

  • Adding square footage to an existing home footprint adds a considerable amount to the remodeling budget.
  • Consider space reconfiguration as an alternative to gain more usable space. Expand your bathroom by utilizing the linen closet from an adjacent room and using that room as an office, sitting room, or walk in closet.
  • Keep in mind when adding on an addition factors such as heating and air conditioning capacities for the present system can be cost prohibitive.
  • Basement finishing can be the alternative to additional space for movie rooms, recreational rooms, additional bathrooms, office space, etc…